Psychotherapy Services in Pennsylvania

Dr. Jeff Robbins offers a diverse array of individual, couples, and family psychotherapy services in Pennsylvania. He provides both short-term and long-term services for residents of Pennsylvania via Telehealth, for children, adolescents, adults, geriatrics, couples, and families. He primarily helps those struggling with depression and anxiety, as well as family concerns, addiction, and many other disorders. He also regularly coordinates care with psychiatric resources as needed. Additionally, HIPPA compliant telehealth services are available.

Couples and Marital Counseling

Don't let communication issues, sexual issues, addiction disorders, or financial issues, etc. get in the way of your relationship. Dr. Robbins offers couples/sexuality therapy, conflict management, and so much more for marriages or couples. Whether you are in a new relationship, considering marriage, or currently married, Dr. Robbins can help. Couples and Marital therapy are all about determining and working with one another's needs, ultimately helping you move on towards a happy, healthy life together. Contact us to learn more about our couple's counseling services.

Family Therapy

Dr. Robbins provides family therapy services for many family issues, including behavioral concerns, co-parenting issues, and any problems that arise from the complications of relationships and children. His services are unique to every patient, as no two families are ever the same. Some families only need short term treatment, but others may require long-term psychological care. Contact Dr. Robbins today to start working with a professional that loves to help and heal families.

Children's Psychologist

We offer children's services to treat a wide variety of concerns. From family conflict to depression and anxiety counseling and more, we strive to help all members of your family be happy and healthy. Contact Dr. Robbins today for more details on how Dr. Robbins can help your child today.

Geriatric Therapy

Whether you are struggling with end-of-life concerns or age has caused difficulties in your relationship, Dr. Robbins is ready to help with those suffering from common geriatric psychological issues. Contact Dr. Robbins today to help yourself or to refer a family member.