Eating Disorder Therapy

Eating Disorder Services in Pennsylvania

If you are dealing with an eating behavior issue, you can get the support and guidance you need from Dr. Jeffery J. Robbins, Licensed Psychologist. 

Dr. Robbins provides a range of therapies for patients, including eating disorder services in Pennsylvania. He can help you on the path to recovery by providing a diagnosis and then working with you to address the psychological reasons, interpersonal causes, and cultural forces that have led to your condition. 

Your therapy will be built upon sound behavioral principles and psychotherapies so that you can get the help you need. You can also get that support whenever you need it as Dr. Robbins provides flexible scheduling. He even makes himself available by cell 24/7 because he understands mental health problems can strike at any time.

Dr. Robbins provides caring and compassionate eating disorder services for patients via TeleHealth through a HIPPA-compliant platform for complete confidentiality. Call today for a consultation, and if required, he will even coordinate with psychiatrists for medication if necessary for you.