About Dr. Jeff Robbins

Licensed Psychologist Serving Residents of Pennsylvania

Dr. Jeff Robbins - Private Psychologist in Newton, PA

Dr. Jeff Robbins is a Licensed Psychologist serving residents of Pennsylvania, who got his start at Rutgers University as an undergraduate in the Biological Sciences. He continued on to receive graduate degrees in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University and Counseling Psychology from Rutgers University. Dr. Robbins has also received numerous certifications and credentials in many other psychotherapeutic specialties.

His education and clinical experiences ultimately lead Dr. Robbins to the private practice of psychotherapy. Subsequently, he is now fully licensed to serve residents of Pennslyvania. He was a Director and Executive Director of a significant non-profit organization for decades. He shared his knowledge as an Adjunct Professor for many Universities in the area before ultimately determining that he could better serve his community by offering private psychological services.