Anger Management

Anger Management Counseling for Pennsylvania

Take back control of your emotions and your life with help from Dr. Jeffery J. Robbins, Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Robbins is licensed to provide counseling for anger management in Pennsylvania. With his help, you can learn to handle stressful situations better and prevent your temper from harming yourself or others. 

Anger is a healthy emotion. However, not everyone processes it in a healthy manner. The good news is that Dr. Robbins can teach you the techniques you need to know. Note that anger management isn’t about “holding in” your temper or ignoring negative emotions. Instead, you learn how to recognize the signs that you are becoming angry and take action to deal with the situation productively. 

Signs You May Need Help Managing Your Anger 

If you feel that your temper controls you rather than you controlling it, you may benefit from enrolling in anger management in Pennsylvania. For example, some common warning signs include:

  • Persistent Negative Thinking or Focus on Negative Experiences
  • Constantly Feelings of Irritation or Impatience
  • Frequent Arguments with Others
  • Threats of Violence Against People or Property
  • Physical Violence and Destructive or Reckless Behavior

Every person is different, so contact Dr. Robbins to schedule a consultation to determine whether anger management is right for you.